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SEPTEMBER 2014 UPDATE - A Postcard from Milford Sound

JUNE 2013 UPDATE - Fiona Farrell to contribute to photobook - Nelson Art Expo

MARCH 2013 UPDATE - New Image - Photobook announcement

OCTOBER 2012 UPDATE - Remembering Passchendaele

SEPTEMBER 2012 UPDATE - Trees of Hagley Park - Winner of print draw - Historical Story from Hagley Park - Te Ara kakariki Trust tree planting - New Images from Westcoast

DECEMBER UPDATE 2011 - A visit to Belgium.

NOVEMBER UPDATE 2011 - Photographing the quiet.

SEPTEMBER UPDATE 2011 - Queenstown revisited.

MAY UPDATE 2011 - A visit to The Puchbowl Falls in Arthurs Pass National Park.

MID MARCH 2011 'simple songs' (Christchurch earthquake) and an exhibition opening.

MARCH / APRIL 2011 'Feeling the blues...' (Christchurch earthquake) also three new images.

JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2011- Vivian Maier - summer photography tip - Bimonthly print offer 'Taylors Mistake at Midnight' - Heads up! Celebrating Selwyn Festival.